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Dear friends,
just a few words about the most important event that IGF is organizing: the 21st European Conference on Fracture, under the auspices of the European Structural Integrity Society. This event will be held in Catania, Italy (June 20-24, 2015) and, according to the ECFs events tradition, will allows to hundred of researchers to meet in the wonderful land of Sicily. I don’t want to bother you describing the sea, the culture, the food, the people of Sicily … join us and you will see by your own!!!
In these lines I wish only to underline some details:
- Abstract summission deadline: 30.11.2015;
- Proceedings will be published in Procedia Structural Integrity (Elsevier);
- Special issues will be published in Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Engineering Failure Analysis and International Journal of Fatigue;
- A Summer School titled “Understanding and modelling fracture and fatigue of materials and structures” will be organized before the ECF event (June 18-19, 2015)

You can find all the details in the ECF21 website …. Looking forward to meeting you in Catania!!!

Francesco Iacoviello
F&IS Chief Editor


Investigation of Mode I fracture toughness of red Verona marble after thermal treatment

Daniela Scorza, Andrea Carpinteri, Giovanni Fortese, Sabrina Vantadori, Daniele Ferretti, Roberto Brighenti

Life estimation by varying the critical plane orientation in the modified Carpinteri-Spagnoli criterion

Camilla Ronchei, Andrea Carpinteri, Giovanni Fortese, Andrea Spagnoli, Sabrina Vantadori, Marta Kurek, Tadeusz ?agoda

Modelling 3D crack propagation in ageing graphite bricks of Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor power plant

Thi-Tuyet-Giang Vo, Philippe Martinuzzi, Van-Xuan Tran, Neil McLachlan, Alan Steer

Experimental analysis of crack evolution in concrete by the acoustic emission technique

J. Saliba, A. Loukili, J.P. Regoin, D. Grégoire, L. Verdon, G. Pijaudier-Cabot

Effect of defect length on rolling contact fatigue crack propagation in high strength steel

T. Makino, Y. Neishi, D. Shiozawa, Y. Neishi, D. Shiozawa, S. Kikuchi, S. Okada, K. Kajiwara, Y. Nakai

Understanding the edge crack phenomenon in ceramic laminates

O. Ševe?ek,, M. Kotoul, D. Leguillon, E. Martin, R. Bermejo

On the crack path under mixed mode loading on PUR foams

L. Marsavina, E. Linul, T. Voiconi, D. M. Constantinescu, D. A. Apostol

Fatigue crack micromechanisms in a Cu-Zn-Al shape memory alloy with pseudo-elastic behavior

Vittorio Di Cocco, Francesco Iacoviello, Stefano Natali, Andrea Brotzu

Multiscale study of fracture in aluminum-magnesium alloy under fatigue and dynamic loading

Vladimir Oborin, Mikhail Bannikov, Oleg Naimark, Mikhail Sokovikov, Dmitry Bilalov

Growth behavior of fatigue cracks in ultrafine grained Cu smooth specimens with a small hole

Masahiro Goto, Kakeru Morita, Junichi Kitamura, Takaei Yamamoto, Masataka Baba, Seung-zeon Han, Sangshik Kim

Fatigue crack growth in additive manufactured products

A. Riemer, H. A. Richard, J.-P. Brüggemann, J.-N. Wesendahl

Crack mode and life of Ti-6Al-4V under multiaxial low cycle fatigue

Takamoto Itoh, Masao Sakane, Takahiro Morishita, Hiroshi Nakamura, Masahiro Takanashi

Crack path and fracture surface modifications in cement composites

Sajjad Ahmad, Jean Marc Tulliani, Giuseppe Andrea Ferro, Rao Arsalan Khushnood, Luciana Restuccia, Pravin Jagdale

Modified fracture properties of cement composites with nano/micro carbonized bagasse fibers

Rao Arsalan Khushnood, Sajjad Ahmad, Giuseppe Andrea Ferro, Luciana Restuccia, Jean Marc Tulliani, Pravin Jagdale

Biaxial fatigue behavior of a powder metallurgical TRIP steel

S. Ackermann, T. Lippmann, D. Kulawinski, S. Henkel, H. Biermann

On the decay of strength in Guilin red clay with cracks

Yi Li, Keneng Zhang, Baochen Liu, Zongyuan Pan

Thermal stress analysis of different full and ventilated disc brakes

C. Baron Saiz, T. Ingrassia, V. Nigrelli, V. Ricotta

2D size, position and shape definition of defects by B-scan image analysis

Michele Scafidi, Donatella Cerniglia, Tommaso Ingrassia