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'Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale' is an open access publication media. The journal is completely free of charge both for readers and for authors. Neither processing charges nor submission charges will be required. Authors are warmly invited to follow the Authors guidelines. The list of the main journal topics is HERE

During the submission, it is possible to suggest one or more reviewers. Please, in the dedicated field, add name, surname, email address, affiliation and nationality for each suggested reviewer.

During the submission process choose one of the Thematic Section or a Special Issue Section (if invited). The "Thematic Sections" are:

1. Advanced Manufacturing and Processing
Joining, bonding, welding, additive and subtractive processes, innovative manufacturing processes, solid state processes, multi-material joints preparation, fabrication of composites, manufacturing of foams, manufacturing of polymers.
2. Analytical, computational and physical Models
Multi-physics and multi-scale modelling of cracking in heterogeneous materials; Multiscale Experiments and Modeling, etc.
3. Environmentally Assisted Fracture
Creep fracture, Hydrogen Embrittlement, Stress-corrosion, etc.
4. Fatigue
Micromechanisms of Fatigue; Crack growth; low cycle, high cycle and very high cycle fatigue; Environmental effects.
5. Failure Analysis, Case Studies and Forensic Engineering
6. Fractography and Advanced metallography
Nondestructive Examination; Materials mechanical behavior and image analysis.
7. Fracture
Notch mechanics, Mixed-Mode and Multiaxial Loading, Linear and Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics; Mesomechanics of Fracture; Physical Aspects of Brittle Fracture; Physical Aspects of Ductile Fracture; Micromechanisms of Fracture; History of Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
8. Impact & Dynamics
Damage and fracture in materials under dynamic loading
9. Reliability and Life Extension of Components
Repair and retrofitting: modelling and practical applications;
10. Structural Integrity and Durability of structures
Concrete structures, large steel constructions, civil structures, bridges, health monitoring of large structures


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Online First!: As soon as the papers will be ready for publication (and both the Publishing Agreement and Visual Abstract will be received), they will be immediately available in the dedicated section of the journal (Menu button: “Online First”), with their final DOI and pages numbers.

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