Innovative Features

Categories: all the papers are classified according to one or more categories. Select your category of interest in the column on the right side of the journal website. A new page will open with all the papers that are classified in that category,

Comment the paper: all the registered users, after the login, are authorized to comment all the published papers. It is possible to post a comment opening the paper webpage: the "comment" field is below the abstract

Improved reviewing procedure: Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale adopts the "Blind peer review" procedure. After acceptance, all the papers are pre-published in the "Online first" section.  All the readers are then solicited to send comments about the papers that are available in the "Online first" section (using the following address: Depending on the comments, the Editor in Chief will make his decision (deadline: 15 days before the issue publication).

Journal browsable version: The readers can find the browsable versions of the published issues both corresponding to each issue (near the icon of the issue cover there is the following statement "The browsable journal is available at this link" linked to the browsable issue) and in this new website: LINK. The browsable versions support "notes". You can add your notes and comments in the browsable version of Frattura ed integrità Strutturale. You can move the notes, you can find the notes using a list: You can even close the tab... when you will open it again your notes will be in your browsable version! Here you can have more details: LINK.

Visual Abstracts: After the paper acceptance, authors must prepare and upload a “Visual Abstract”. This must be prepared following the same procedure of the Audioslides, but with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. (here you find the Tutorial).
The “Visual Abstract” will enhance the papers visibility, allowing the readers to quickly understand the topic of the paper, focusing on the results and the conclusions. All the Visual Abstracts are also available in a dedicated YouTube channel (LINK).

Online First!: As soon as the papers will be ready for publication (and both the Publishing Agreement and Visual Abstract will be received), they will be immediately available in the dedicated section of the journal (Menu button: “Online First”) and in the Journal Home Page, with their final DOI and pages numbers.

Article Metrics: Each paper shows graphs for both abstract views and PDF downloads and has the option for a multiple-year graphical presentation.

Embedded PDFs: All the papers as pdf files are now embedded in Frattura ed integrità Strutturale detail page! You can both read the paper directly in this format and download the file.

Videos and Animations: Authors are allowed to embed videos and animations in their papers, with a discussion of the content. Here it is available a Tutorial

Mendeley Style: A Mendeley Style for Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale is now available here:

The installation of this style is very simple:
1) open Mendeley desktop
2) Select"View/Citation style"
3) "Get more Styles"
4) In "Download Style" copy and paste ""

Feed RSS: RSS feed allows readers to access Fracture and Structural Integrity Journal updates using a news aggregator, like Feedly. The news aggregator will automatically check the RSS feed for new content.  Use this link to add Fracture and Structural Integrity to your favorite news aggregator:

Telegram channel: Join the new FIS telegram channel

OASPA: Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale is a member of OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Associations"): LINK. OASPA mission is to represent the interests of Open Access (OA) journal and book publishers globally, across all subjects and disciplines. This mission will be carried out through exchanging information, setting standards, advancing models, advocacy, education, and the promotion of innovation.

Reviewers' acknowledgment: The partnership between IGF and Publons means that, after the reviewer receives the “thank you mail” from the Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale Editor in Chief, it is simply necessary to forward this email to Publons to add the review to the reviewer profile on Publons (no matter if the reviewed manuscript is accepted or rejected). LINK.

Certificate of Publication: If you published a paper in Frattura ed integrità Strutturale, you can obtain a "Certificate of Publication' simply filling the following FORM

Guest Editor - Certificate of Acknowledgment: All the Guest Editors can receive a Certificate of Acknowledgment for their service for Frattura ed integrità Strutturale simply filling this FORM.

Agreement Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale - With you can edit and publish research methods. offers (completely free of charge):
- An open access repository for research protocols;
- A protocol editor featuring a rich set of components such as reagents, timers, software packages, datasets and more;
- A collaborative working environment for research groups;
- A platform for running protocols and recording your progress step by step-

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Opinions and Suggestions: You can use this FORM to submit your opinion on Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale and your suggestions to improve its quality and its usefulness for our community. Spend just a couple of minutes and help us to improve! Thank you for your time and your help!

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Researcher-App: Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale is now in Researcher-App. A single place to browse more than 5,000 journals.