Authors guidelines

Manuscript submission
Manuscripts have to be written according to the following template and submitted via OJS. The paper must be written in English. A confirmation of reception will be sent within 48 hours. The Editorial Board will perform the review and the on-line publication within three months from the date of submission. For any problem during the submission problem, please, send an email to describing the details of the problem. 

Manuscript limits
- No pages limit
- No Mb limit (if the file exceeds 100 Mb, please, contact in advance)
- No Figures number limit
- No Tables number limit
- No video and/or audio files number limit. Audio/video files can be directly uploaded during the submission procedure (if the file exceeds 100 Mb, please, contact in advance). 

Manuscript structure
Manuscripts should be organized in paragraphs and should contain:
- A Title
- Authors (with affiliation, email address and ID ORCID)
- Abstract (max 200 words)
- Keywords list (max 6)
- Introduction
- All the paragraphs considered as necessary by the Authors. Subparagraphs are also allowed.
- Conclusions
- Acknowledgments (if necessary)
- References
- Appendix (if necessary)
- Nomenclature (if necessary)

Visual Abstract
After the paper acceptance, authors must prepare and upload a “Visual Abstract”. This must be prepared following the same procedure of the Audioslides, but with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. (here you find the Tutorial). "Visual Abstracts" are mandatory.
The “Visual Abstract” will enhance the papers visibility, allowing the readers to quickly understand the topic of the paper, focusing on the results and the conclusions.

Audio/video files
It is possible to publish audio and/or video files embedded in the manuscript (Tutorial). It is possible to upload the video files during the manuscript uploading procedure. If a video file exceeds 100 Mb, please contact in advance.

Authors are allowed to publish audioslides. More details about the Audioslides production are given in the Tutorial.

Figures submitted to the Journal must be of the highest quality to ensure accuracy and clarity in the final published copy. Poor quality figures will not be considered as acceptable and will imply a delay in the paper publication.

Text: Indicate references by number(s) in square brackets in line with the text. The actual authors can be referred to, but the reference number(s) must always be given.
Example: “..... as demonstrated [1, 2]. Mettam and Adams [9] obtained ....”

References must be organized according to the Harvard format (this LINK will be helpful). DOI at the end of the ref. is warmly encouraged.

A Mendeley style is available here:

Reference to a journal publication:
[1] Van der Geer, J. (2014). The art of writing a scientific article, J. Sci. Commun., 163(2), pp. 51–59. DOI: 12.3456/j.scicom.2013.11.003
Reference to a book:
[2] Strunk, W. Jr. and White, E.B. (2000). The Elements of Style, New York, Longman. DOI:12.3456/j.scicom..2013.11.003
Reference to a chapter in an edited book:
[3] Mettam, G.R. ed., (2017). How to prepare an electronic version of your article, In: Introduction to the Electronic Age, New York, E-Publishing Inc., pp. 281–304. DOI: 12.3456/j.scicom..2013.11.003
[4] Tester, J. (2015). How to publish an article. Available at:

Publishing agreement
The author must fill and sign the publishing agreement. IMPORTANT: the publishing agreement must be uploaded during the first uploading procedure.

Main topics
Choose one or more "subjects" in the main topics list of the journal. During the submission procedure, you will be asked to add these topics  in "Subject". This will speed up the reviewing procedure.