Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale (Fracture and Structural Integrity) is the International Journal of the Italian Group of Fracture (ISSN 1971-8993). It is an open-access journal published online every three months (January, April, July, October). The Journal is financially supported by Italian Group of Fracture and by crowdfunding and is completely free of charge both for readers and for authors. Neither processing charges nor submission charges will be required.
Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale encompasses the broad topic of structural integrity, which is based on the mechanics of fatigue and fracture and is concerned with the reliability and effectiveness of structural components. The aim of the Journal is to promote works and researches on fracture phenomena, as well as the development of new materials and new standards for structural integrity assessment. The Journal is interdisciplinary and accepts contributions from engineers, metallurgists, materials scientists, physicists, chemists, and mathematicians.


Sister Associations help the journal managing:
Czech Rep.: Asociace Strojních Inženýrů (Association of Mechanical Engineers)
Greece: Greek Society of Experimental Mechanics of Materials - GSEMM
India: Indian Structural Integrity Society - InSIS
Israel: Israel Structural Integrity Group - ISIG
Italy: Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia - AIM
Italy: Associazione Italiana di Meccanica Teorica ed Applicata - AIMETA
Italy: Società Scientifica Italiana di Progettazione Meccanica e Costruzione di Macchine - AIAS
Poland: Group of Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Portugal: Portuguese Structural Integrity Society - APFIE
Serbia: Structural Integrity and Life Society "Prof. Stojan Sedmak" - DIVK
Spain: Grupo Espanol de Fractura - Sociedad Espanola de Integridad Estructural - GEF
Ukraine: Ukrainian Society on Fracture Mechanics of Materials (USFMM)

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Visual Abstracts: In order to offer to the readers a quick way to understand the topics of the papers, since this issue on, all the authors will be requested to prepare a Visual Abstract, a 2 minutes video with comments containing the “core” of the paper. We hope that our readers will appreciate the usefulness of this new service.


Seismic Behavior Assessment of a Brazilian Heritage Construction

Francisco da Silva Brandão, Aldecira Diógenes, João Fernandes, Esequiel Mesquita, Michele Betti

Forming Process Analysis of an AA6060 Aluminum Vessel

Gillo Giuliano, Costanzo Bellini, Luca Sorrentino, Sandro Turchetta

Influence of hydrothermal ageing on single lap bonded CFRP joints

Costanzo Bellini, Gianluca Parodo, Wilma Polini, Luca Sorrentino

Editor in Chief and Associate Editors oversee the peer review process for the journal, including evaluating submissions, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments, and making editorial decisions. Together with Advisory Editorial Board and the Editorial Board Members, they are involved in the development of journal policies and ethics standards and work to promote Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale to provide resources, support and advice for researchers, especially early reaserchers, in their journey from writing to publishing their scientific papers while at the same time making free public access to scientific research.

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Editor in Chief

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