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Characterization of the mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of martensitic steel in repeated tempering cycles

Amitkumar Shelar, B. P. Ronge
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Towards Long-Term Monitoring of the Structural Health of Deep Rock Tunnels with Remote Sensing Techniques

Wadslin Frenelus, Hui Peng
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Analysis of damage control of thin plate with piezoelectric actuators using finite element and machine learning approach

Asraar Anjum, Abdul Aabid Shaikh, Meftah Hriari
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Notch Sensitivity Study in U-notched Polymers Built by Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Jorge Guillermo Diaz Rodriguez, Alberto David Pertuz Comas, Juan David Sandoval Herrera
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Predicting the lifetime of CPVC under increasing temperature and crosshead speed

Abderrahim Khtibari, A En-Naji, A. Kartouni, M. El Ghorba
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Estimating degradation of strength of neat PEEK and PEEK-CF laminates under cyclic loading by mechanical hysteresis loops

Alexey Bogdanov, Alexander Eremin, Mikhail Burkov, Sergey Panin, Pavel Lyubutin
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Behavior of Zr–1Nb alloy in coarse- and ultrafine-grain states under laser-induced shock wave loading

Dmitry Ledon, Aleksandr Balakhnin, Sergey Uvarov, Irina Bannikova, Yuriy Bayandin, Oleg Naimark
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Analyzing Microstructural Features, Surface Topography, and Scratch Resistance of Innovative Nano-Composites Coated with High Velocity Air-Fuel Technology

G. J. Naveen, P. Sampathkumaran, A. Sathyanarayanaswamy, Avinash Lakshmikanthan
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Prediction of Mechanical Behavior of Epoxy Polymer Using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) And response Surface Methodology (RSM)

Khalissa Saada, Salah Amroune, Moussa Zaoui
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Crack identification in plates-type structures using natural frequencies coupled with successful history-based adaptive differential evolution algorithm

Brihmat Chahira, Nasreddine Amoura, Samir Lecheb, Hocine Kebir, Mohamed Abdessamed Ait Chikh, Bassima Tablit
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Revisiting classical concepts of Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics - Part I: The closing ‘mathematical’ crack in an infinite plate and the respective Stress Intensity Factors

Christos Markides, Stavros K Kourkoulis
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Investigation of Impact Energy Absorption of AA6061 and Composites: Role of Post-Aging Cooling Methods

G.V. Krishna Reddy, B. K. Naveen Kumar, G. Hareesha, A. M. Rajesh, Saleemsab Doddamani
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Behavior of a Multi-Story Steel Structure with Eccentric X-Brace

Abdulkhalik Abdulridha
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The behavior of reinforced lightweight concrete beams with initial cracks

Mustafa Q. Hasa, Abdulkhalik Abdulridha
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Nonlinearity of mechanical behavior of 3D-reinforced composites under compression

Stanislav Slovikov, Andrey Babushkin, Maria Gusina
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Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Failure Analysis, Case Studies and Forensic Engineering


Fractography and Advanced metallography


Structural Integrity and Durability of Structures

Structural Integrity and Safety: Experimental and Numerical Perspectives


Crashworthiness performance of the designed concave hexagonal structures as filler element in cylindrical shell in multiple load cases

Andre Hartawan Mettanadi, Aditya Rio Prabowo, Bambang Kusharjanta, Teguh Muttaqie, Fajar Budi Laksono, Haris Nubli

SI: Russian mechanics contributions for Structural Integrity

Fatigue life investigation of notched TC4 specimens subjected to different patterns of laser shock peening

Anastasia Iziumova, Maxim Zhelnin, Anastasia Kostina, Aleksei Vshivkov, Elena Gachegova, Oleg Plekhov, S. Swaroop

SI: IGF27 - 27th International Conference on Fracture and Structural Integrity

High carbon steel/Inconel 718 bimetallic parts produced via Fused Filament Fabrication and Sintering

Paolo Ferro, Alberto Fabrizi, Franco Bonollo, H.S.A. Elsayed, Filippo Berto, Gianpaolo Savio

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