How to propose a Special Issue

Special issues in Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale are published as “Special Sections” embedded in regular issues (January, April, July, October).
Proposals for Special Issues must be submitted using this LINK.
The Journal is financially supported by Italian Group of Fracture and by crowdfunding. Neither processing charges nor submission charges are required, and nobody is allowed to request money on behalf of the Journal … but, anyway, donations are welcome: LINK.

Guest Editors must follow the reviewing process that must be performed using the journal website. All the accepted papers must achieve an acceptable quality level, considering:
- The scientific content;
- The English language;
- The respect of the journal template since the first submission (refs style included).
The deadline for the papers acceptance is one month before the expected publication date, at least.

The final “imprimatur” is given by the Journal Editor-in-Chief or by the Associate Editors.
Papers will be published only after their acceptance and after both the Publishing Agreement and the Visual Abstract will be submitted.