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in this issue you will find the second part of the papers focused on the Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture. We wish to warmly thanks the three guest editors (Andrea Carpinteri, Ali Fatemi, Carlos Navarro Pintado) for their efforts and all the authors for the really high quality of their papers.

I am pleased to inform you that we received great the 2015 Index Copernicus evaluation: the ICV 2015 is equal to 129.04 (ICV2014: 120.66). In 5 years, we always increased our ICVs and this is mainly due to the quality of the published papers … thank you!!!

Finally, just a few words about the ECF21 that was held in june in Catania. It was a great success! A great team (first of all, the IGF Ex-Co), enthusiast participants and the wonderful venue were the main ingredients that allowed to organize a successful event, with more than 650 participants and about 700 presentations. For the first time in the ESIS history, almost all the presentations were videorecorded and they are now available in the new ESIS YouTube channel. If you were not able to join us in Catania, you are still in time to join us on web (… don’t miss the social event!!).

Francesco Iacoviello
F&IS Chief Editor


Stress-state dependent cohesive model for fatigue crack growth

R. Shravan Kumar, I.S. Nijin, M. Vivek Bharadwaj, G. Rajkumar, Anuradha Banerjee

Pages 19-25

Multiaxial fatigue assessment of crankshafts by local stress and critical plane approach

M. Leitner, F. Grun, Z. Tuncali, R. Steiner, W. Chen

Pages 47-53

Fatigue modelling for gas nitriding

H. Weil, S. Jégou, L. Barrallier

Pages 61-66

Incorporation of Mean/Maximum Stress Effects in the Multiaxial Racetrack Filter

Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Hao Wu

Pages 67-75

Structure service life assessment under combined loading using probability approach

Miloslav Kepka, Miloslav Kepka Jr., Jan Chvojan, Jaroslav Václavík

Pages 82-91

Application of the Moment Of Inertia method to the Critical-Plane Approach

Hao Wu, Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro

Pages 99-105

Comparison between SSF and Critical-Plane models to predict fatigue lives under multiaxial proportional load histories

Manuel de Freitas, Luis Reis, Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro

Pages 121-127

A unified rule to estimate multiaxial elastoplastic notch stresses and strains under in-phase proportional loadings

Marco Antonio Meggiolaro, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Luiz Fernando Martha, Luiz Fernando Nazaré Marques

Pages 128-134

Equi-biaxial loading effect on austenitic stainless steel fatigue life

C. Gourdin, S. Bradaï, S. Courtin, J.C. Le Roux, C. Gardin

Pages 170-176

Implementation of fatigue model for unidirectional laminate based on finite element analysis: theory and practice

D. Carrella-Payan, B. Magneville, M. Hack, C. Lequesne, T. Naito, Y. Urushiyama, W. Yamazaki, T. Yokozeki, W. Van Paepegem

Pages 184-190

Multi-purpose fatigue sensor. Part 1. Uniaxial and multiaxial fatigue

M.V. Karuskevich, S.R. Ignatovich, ?.P. Maslak, A. Menou, P.?. Maruschak, S.V. Panin, F. Berto

Pages 198-204

Multi-purpose fatigue sensor. Part 2. Physical backgrounds for damages accumulation and parameters of their assessment

M.V. Karuskevich, S.R. Ignatovich, T.P. Maslak, A. Menou, P.?. Maruschak, S.V. Panin, F. Berto

Pages 205-214

Averaged strain energy density-based synthesis of crack initiation life in notched steel bars under torsional fatigue

Filippo Berto, Alberto Campagnolo, Giovanni Meneghetti, Keisuke Tanaka

Pages 215-223

Tensile and fatigue behaviour of as-forged AZ31B extrusion

A. Gryguc, S.K. Shaha, H. Jahed, M. Wells, B. Williams, J. McKinley

Pages 251-258

Fatigue strength of SS400 steel under non-proportional loading

T. Morishita, T. Takaoka, T. Itoh

Pages 289-295

Structural mechanisms of formation of adiabatic shear bands

Mikhail Sokovikov, Dmitry Bilalov, Vladimir Oborin, Vasiliy Chudinov, Sergey Uvarov, Yuriy Bayandin, Oleg Naimark

Pages 296-304

Mechanical behaviour and durability of high volume fly ash cementitious composites

Usman Haider, Zdenek Bittnar, Lubomír Kopecky, Petr Bittnar, Jiri Nemecek, Asif Ali, Jaroslav Pokorny

Paes 305-318

Process of cracking in reinforced concrete beams (simulation and experiment)

I. N. Shardakov, A. P. Shestakov, I.O. Glot, A.A. Bykov

Pages 339-350