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Using acoustic emissions to enhance fracture toughness calculations for CCNBD marble specimens

K. Kaklis, S. Mavrigiannakis, V. Saltas, F. Vallianatos, Z. Agioutantis

Pages 1-17

Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of Alfas stone

Kostas N. Kaklis, Stelios P. Mavrigiannakis, Zach G. Agioutantis, Emmanouil K. Steiakakis, Foteini K. Stathogianni

Pages 18-31

Strain monitoring of cement-based materials with embedded polyvinyl alcohol - carbon nanotube (PVA-CNT) fibers

Zoi S. Metaxa, Wilfrid Neri, Philippe Poulin, Nikolaos D. Alexopoulos

Pages 61-73

Exercise as a mean to reverse the detrimental effect of high-fat diet on bone’s fracture characteristics

Ilias Doulamis, Despina N. Perrea, Panagiotis E. Chatzistergos, Athanasios S. Mitousoudis, Stavros K. Kourkoulis

Pages 85-94

Earthquake design for controlled structures

Nikos G. Pnevmatikos, George A. Papagiannopoulos, George D. Hatzigeorgiou

Pages 129-136

A thermography-based method for fatigue behavior evaluation of coupling beam damper

Zhe Zhang, Jinping Ou, Dongsheng Li, Shuaifang Zhang, Junling Fan

Pages 149-161

Multiaxial elastoplastic cyclic loading of austenitic 316L steel

V. Mazánová, J. Polák, V. Škorík, T. Kruml

Pages 162-169