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Nonlinear analysis of reinforced and composite columns in fire

Jaroslav Navrátil, Jaromír Kabelá?

Pages 72-87

Probabilistic prediction of fatigue damage based on linear fracture mechanics

M. Krejsa, L. Koubova, J. Flodr, J. Protivinsky, Q. T. Nguyen

Pages 143-159

A probabilistic approach for multiaxial fatigue criteria

M. Muñiz Calvente, S. Blasón, A. Fernández Canteli, A. de Jesús, J. Correia

Pages 160-165

Experimental analysis on physical and mechanical properties of thermal shock damage of granite

He Xiao, Li Qing, Chen Hongkai, Tang Hongmei, Wang Linfeng

Pages 181-190

Fatigue assessment by energy approach during tensile tests on AISI 304 steel

A. Risitano, D. Corallo, E. Guglielmino, G. Risitano, L. Scappaticci

Pages 201-215