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Dear friend,
ten years ago, in 2007, the IGF Ex-Co decided to publish an open access on line journal… Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale was born! Starting from a few papers per issue, many of them in italian, now Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale is a really well known international journal. Hundreds of papers with hundreds of authors from all over the world were published in the last years and the journal indexing and evaluations are absolutely of the highest level. This great result is only due to an enthusiast group of friends that served (and serves!) the journal in different roles (Associate Editors, Guest Editors, Advisory Editorial Board members, Editorial Board members, Reviewers) and to a long list of authors that in these years supported our journal with their submissions ... THANK YOU!!!
In these years, we tried to do our best activating some innovative services. Among them:
- Papers published both in pdf and in a browsable format;
- The possibility to embed and discuss videos in the published papers;
- The possibility to publish papers with audioslides embedded;
In this issue, we will offer you a new service. On the top-left side of the first page of each paper, you will find an “audio” symbol. If you will select this symbol, a voice will read title, abstract, keywords and conclusions of the paper. Hoping that this new service will be useful, thank you so much for supporting us,

Francesco Iacoviello
F&IS Chief Editor


Nonlinear analysis of reinforced and composite columns in fire

Jaroslav Navrátil, Jaromír Kabelá?

Pages 72-87

Probabilistic prediction of fatigue damage based on linear fracture mechanics

M. Krejsa, L. Koubova, J. Flodr, J. Protivinsky, Q. T. Nguyen

Pages 143-159

A probabilistic approach for multiaxial fatigue criteria

M. Muñiz Calvente, S. Blasón, A. Fernández Canteli, A. de Jesús, J. Correia

Pages 160-165

Experimental analysis on physical and mechanical properties of thermal shock damage of granite

He Xiao, Li Qing, Chen Hongkai, Tang Hongmei, Wang Linfeng

Pages 181-190

Fatigue assessment by energy approach during tensile tests on AISI 304 steel

A. Risitano, D. Corallo, E. Guglielmino, G. Risitano, L. Scappaticci

Pages 201-215