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Mechanical behaviour of wood T-joints. Experimental and numerical investigation

C.L. dos Santos, J.J.L. Morais, A.M.P. de Jesus

pages 23-37

Numerical simulation of galvanized rebars pullout

H.F.S.G. Pereira, V.M.C.F. Cunha, J. Sena-Cruz

pages 54-66

Inter-laminar shear stress in hybrid CFRP/austenitic steel

J. Lopes, M. Freitas, D. Stefaniak, P.P. Camanho

pages 67-79

Modelling probabilistic fatigue crack propagation rates for a mild structural steel

J.A.F.O. Correia, A.M.P. de Jesus, A. Fernández-Canteli

pages 80-96

Assessment of structural integrity of subsea wellhead system: analytical and numerical study

A.R. Maligno, R. Citarella, V.V. Silberschmidt, C. Soutis

pages 97-119

On the improved adhesion of NiTi wires embedded in polyester and vinylester resins

Mattia Merlin, Martina Scoponi, Chiara Soffritti, Annalisa Fortini, Raffaella Rizzoni, Gian Luca Garagnani

pages 127-137