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Dear Friend,
this issue is focused on the research activities on fracture mechanics and structural integrity in Portugal. It is a pleasure to warmly acknowledge our guest editors, Abílio Manuel Pinho de Jesus and Manuel de Freitas, for their help and their efforts: seven very interesting papers offer an overview of the intense research activities on fracture mechanics and structural integrity in this wonderful country.

Just a few words about the next IGF activities in 2015.
First of all, IGF will organize two workshops in Urbino on two important topics:
- Characterization of Crack Tip Fields, april 20-22, 2015
- Challenges in Multiaxial Fatigue, april 22-24, 2015
In addition, IGF will organize the XXIII National IGF Conference - 1st International Edition (June 22-24, 2015). All our friends from all over the world are warmly invited to join us and participate to this conference that will be held in the little but wonderful island of Favignana (near Sicily). The official language of the event will be English and proceedings will be published on Procedia Engineering (abstract deadline: 28/02/2015. Submission procedure is published in the IGF website).
Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Francesco Iacoviello
F&IS Chief Editor


Mechanical behaviour of wood T-joints. Experimental and numerical investigation

C.L. dos Santos, J.J.L. Morais, A.M.P. de Jesus

pages 23-37

Numerical simulation of galvanized rebars pullout

H.F.S.G. Pereira, V.M.C.F. Cunha, J. Sena-Cruz

pages 54-66

Inter-laminar shear stress in hybrid CFRP/austenitic steel

J. Lopes, M. Freitas, D. Stefaniak, P.P. Camanho

pages 67-79

Modelling probabilistic fatigue crack propagation rates for a mild structural steel

J.A.F.O. Correia, A.M.P. de Jesus, A. Fernández-Canteli

pages 80-96

Assessment of structural integrity of subsea wellhead system: analytical and numerical study

A.R. Maligno, R. Citarella, V.V. Silberschmidt, C. Soutis

pages 97-119

On the improved adhesion of NiTi wires embedded in polyester and vinylester resins

Mattia Merlin, Martina Scoponi, Chiara Soffritti, Annalisa Fortini, Raffaella Rizzoni, Gian Luca Garagnani

pages 127-137