K. R. Suchendra Reddy M Sreenivasa M. Ravikumar


Al composites usage is growing and is gaining importance in aerospace, automotive and marine industries due to their excellent characteristics. Aluminum composites exhibit high resistance to wear and corrosion, possess high strength, offer durability and more such properties. In this study, Al 6061 alloy, reinforced with Al2O3 - MoS2 was produced by a stir casting technique and its microstructure and mechanical behavior were evaluated. Reinforcements were added in the range of 0 - 9 wt. %. The microstructure analysis, tensile and compressive strength of the hybrid MMCs (Metal Matrix Composites) have been analyzed and examined. From the investigational study, it was found that the reinforcing particulates are evenly dispersed in the base matrix. The porosity and density of the hybrid composites were found to be enhanced. The ultimate tensile and compressive strength of the hybrid MMCs could be improved by addition of ceramic (Al2O3) particulates compared to monolithic. Further, the strength of hybrid composites was decreased by adding of MoS2 (solid lubricant) along with hard ceramic particulates. Finally, fractured surface of the UTS test specimens were analysed using a SEM analysis.


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    Suchendra, K. R., Sreenivasa, R. M. ., & Ravikumar, M. (2022). A Study on microstructure, mechanical and fracture behavior of Al2O3 - MoS2 reinforced Al6061 hybrid composite. Frattura Ed Integrità Strutturale, 16(61), 244–253. https://doi.org/10.3221/IGF-ESIS.61.16

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