M. Mokhtari P. Lopez-Crespo B. Moreno M. Zanganeh


In the past two decades, crack-tip mechanics has been increasingly studied with full-field techniques. Within these techniques, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) has been most widely used due to its many advantages, to extract important crack-tip information, including Stress Intensity Factor (SIF), Crack Opening Displacement, J-integral, T-stress, closure level, plastic zone size, etc. However, little information is given in the literature about the experimental setup that provides best estimations for the different parameters.
The current work aims at understanding how the experimental conditions used in DIC influence the crack-tip
information extracted experimentally. The influence of parameters such as magnification factor, size of the
images, position of the images with respect the crack-tip and size of the subset used in the correlation is studied. The influence is studied in terms of SIF and T-stress by using Williams’ model. The concept of  determination of  the K-dominance zone from experimental data has also explored. In this regard, cyclic loading on a fatigue crack in a compact tension (CT) specimen, made of aluminium 2024-T351 alloy, has been applied and the surface deformation ahead of the crack tip has been examined. The comparison between theoretical and experimental values of KI showed that the effect of subset size on the measured KI is negligible compared to the effect of size of the image.


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    Mokhtari, M. (2015) “Some experimental observations of crack-tip mechanics with displacement data”, Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale, 9(33), pp. pages 143–150. doi: 10.3221/IGF-ESIS.33.18.

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