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Dear friends,
after obtaining the WoS Impact Factor, the number of submissions increased dramatically. Therefore, it was necessary to re-organize the Journal structure.
First of all, we defined new Sections. The updated list is now the following:
1) Analytical, computational and physical models;
2) Damage mechanics;
3) Environmentally assisted fracture;
4) Failure analysis and forensic engineering;
5) Fatigue and fracture of metallic alloys;
6) Fatigue and fracture of non-metallic materials;
7) Integrity of materials and structures.
Then, a new Section Editors team has been activated and we also renewed the Editorial Board. With this little “revolution” we hope we will be able to reduce the reviewing times and further improve the journal quality.
Finally, as you can see in the papers published in this issue, we also modified the papers layout, increasing the visibility of the Visual Abstract. Now, the written version of the abstract is still available in the paper web page, but in the pdf there is a direct link to the Visual Abstract. This new layout has nice consequences on the browsable version of the journal, and we hope you will appreciate this new approach!
We are grateful for the activity of all the Sections Editors and all the Editorial Board members who helped the journal up to the last issue … without their help and their time it would have been impossible to achieve the great results we obtained up to now!

Next IGF event: The 8th International Conference on Crack Paths (CP2024).
The Conference will be held in Rimini (Italy) and online in September 10-12, 2024.
The deadlines are:
- Always open: Registration
- 01.10.2023 to 31.12.2023: Symposia proposal
- 01.01.2024 to 15.06.2024: Abstracts submission
- 15.06.2024: Acceptance notification
- 15.08.2024: Early bird registration and payment
- 10.09.2024 to 12.09.2024: Conference
- 30.09.2024: Papers submission (after the Conference)
- 15.10.2024: Papers acceptance

Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

Analytical, Numerical and Physical Models

Compressive study on recycled concrete: experiment and numerical homogenization modelling

Djamel Fellah, Salma Barboura, Thileli Tilmatine, Karim Benyahi, Mohand Said Kachi, Jia Li, Youcef Bouafia

Fatigue and Fracture of metallic alloys

Fatigue and Fracture of non metallic materials

Impact & Dynamics

Integrity of materials and structures

Material choice to optimise the performance index of isogrid structures

Costanzo Bellini, Filippo Berto, Vittorio Di Cocco, Francesco Iacoviello, Larisa Patricia Mocanu

Structural Integrity and Durability of Structures

SI: IGF27 - 27th International Conference on Fracture and Structural Integrity

A nonlocal elasticity theory to model the static behaviour of edge-cracked nanobeams

Daniela Scorza, Andrea Carpinteri, Camilla Ronchei, Andrea Zanichelli, Raimondo Luciano, Sabrina Vantadori

Fatigue assessment of a FSAE car rear upright by a closed form solution of the critical plane method

Andrea Chiocca, Michele Sgamma, Francesco Frendo, Francesco Bucchi, Giuseppe Marulo

Damage-failure transition in titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V under dwell fatigue loads

Vladimir Oborin, Aleksandr Balakhnin, Oleg Naimark, Yuri Gornostyrev, Vladimir Pushin, Nataliya Kuranova, Dimitrii Rasposienko, Aleksey Svirid, Aleksey Uksusnikov

Impact of earthquake’s epicenter distance to failure of the embankment – A seismic prediction

Abdoullah Namdar, Omer Mughieda, Ts Haji Azahar Bin Mohd Yasin, Falak Azhar

Study of defects influence on chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes damage and analysis of their fracture

Fatima Gugouch, M. Meknassi, M. Elghorba, A. Wahid, H. Mouradi, H. Bouhssis, A. Maziri

Structural Integrity and Safety: Experimental and Numerical Perspectives

SI: Russian mechanics contributions for Structural Integrity

Longitudinal elastic nonlinearity of composite material

Boris Fedulov, Daria Bondarchuk, Evgeny Lomakin

Computer simulation of stress-strain states in zygomatic bones after complex installation of implants

Timur Dibirov, Aleksey Drobyshev, Eduard Kharazyan, Nikolay Redko, Egor Pankov, Alexander Kozulin, Sergey Panin, Sergey Arutyunov