The browsable journal is available at this link

Since 2007, we used the Open Journal System (OJS) only as a sort of “papers archiving” software, managing all the activities of the IGF journal via mail (submission, reviewing etc). Well, at the end of 2017 the new OJS 3.0 was finally available and we decided to upgrade and to manage all the activities of Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale using OJS. 

I am pleased to announce that the new journal website is online and completely active at the following address:

From now on, all the publishing process, starting from the first submission up to the final publication, will be completely followed using this journal managing system. We hope you will also appreciate the new template we adopted for the Journal website: light and responsive, it is the perfect template for the IGF Journal!

I wish to remember that all the services that are offered by the journal are described in the new website (e.g., audioslides, videos embedded in papers, Publons for reviewers, browsable versions) and that we are open to your suggestions. Please, fill the form “Suggestions” you find in the menu “About” (it takes a couple of minutes) and we will be grateful for your suggestions/help/support/ideas!

Finally, with the new Journal website, we also activated a panel of “sister associations” that wish to help the journal in its daily life. I am honored to inform you that many associations already joined us in this panel and many others will join us in a frame of friendship and cooperation. The list of the sister associations actually is:

  • Greece: Greek Society of Experimental Mechanics of Materials - GSEMM
  • Italy: Società Scientifica Italiana di Progettazione Meccanica e Costruzione di Macchine - AIAS
  • Portugal: Portuguese Structural Integrity Society - APFIE
  • Serbia: Structural Integrity and Life Society "Prof. Stojan Sedmak" - DIVK
  • Spain: Grupo Espanol de Fractura - Sociedad Espanola de Integridad Estructural - GEF

 As a “Post Scriptum”, I wish to remember the meeting of the Editorial Board that will be held in Cassino (June 4th) during the IGF Workshop entitled Fracture and Structural Integrity: ten years of “Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale”. You are all invited to the meeting and to the workshop… join us!


Elastic crack-tip stress field in a semi-strip

Victor Reut, Natalya Vaysfeld, Zinaida Zhuravlova


Development of an optimal process for friction stir welding based on GA-RSM hybrid algorithm

Nabi Mehri Khansari, Filippo Berto, Namdar Karimi, S.M.N Ghoreishi, Mahdi Fakoor, Mozhgan Mokari


Modification of the Bonora Damage Model for shear failure

Nicola Bonora, Gabriel Testa, Andrew Ruggiero, Gianluca Iannitti, Domenico Gentile


An assessment of composite repair system in offshore platform for corroded circumferential welds in super duplex steel pipe

Silvio de Barros, Sandip Budhe, Mariana D. Banea, Ney R.F. Rohen, Eduardo M. Sampaio, Valber A. Perrut, Luiz D.M. Lana