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Influence of temperature and exploitation period on fatigue crack growth parameters in different regions of welded joints

Ivica Camagic, Nemanja Vasic, Bogdan Cirkovic, Zijah Burzic, Aleksandar Sedmak, Aleksandar Radovic

Pages 1-7

Modeling of edge cracks interaction

V. Petrova, S. Schmauder, A. Shashkin

Pages 8-26

Experimental examination of fatigue life of welded joint with stress concentration

Miodrag Arsic, Zoran Savic, Aleksandar Sedmak, Srdjan Bosnjak, Simon Sedmak

Pages 27-35

Fatigue life prediction of casing welded pipes by using the extended finite element method

Ljubica Lazi? Vuli?evi?, Aleksandar Raji?, Aleksandar Grbovi?, Aleksandar Sedmak, Živ?e Šarko?evi?

Pages 46-54

Scaling of compression strength in disordered solids: metallic foams

J. Ková?ik, J. Jerz, N. Mináriková, L. Marsavina, E. Linul

Pages 55-62

Integrity and life estimation of turbine runner cover in a hydro power plant

A. Sedmak, S. Bosnjak, M. Arsic, S.A. Sedmak, Z. Savic

Pages 63-68

Failure analysis of dissimilar single-lap joints

F.A. Stuparu, D.A. Apostol, D.M. Constantinescu, M. Sandu, S. Sorohan

Pages 69-77

Very high cycle fatigue strength and crack growth of thin steel sheets

Mohand Ouarabi, Ruben Perez Mora, Claude Bathias, Thierry Palin-Luc

Pages 112-118

Crack initiation and propagation paths in small diameter FSW 6082-T6 aluminium tubes under fatigue loading

Roberto Tovo, Luca Susmel, M. Neil James, Danie G. Hattingh, Enrico Maggiolini

Pages 119-129

Effect of flexural crack on plain concrete beam failure mechanism A numerical simulation

Abdoullah Namdar, Ershad Darvishi, Xiong Feng, Ideris Zakaria, Fadzil Mat Yahaya

Pages 168-181