Ahanchian Mohammad Arzumanyan Hovhannes Verlinski Sergey


Two parallel comparative ‘Conventional Method and Computer Simulation using ANSYS software’
for prediction of crack growth and its behavior in optical fiber are studied and presented in this work.
Corresponding finite element analysis was performed to determine the evolution of stress and strain states. The
method is developed and combined with the modified J-integral theory to deal with this problem. The effects of
crack length, temperature and mechanical forces are investigated by Finite Element Method in the cracked
body. The conditions where the Mode I stress intensity factor motivate fracture occurrence is investigated and
variations of the different cases are discussed. The most deleterious situation is found to be that wherein the
entire model reaches rupture at some stage. The accuracy of the method is investigated through comparison of
numerical results with computerized simulation using commercial ANSYS software.


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    Mohammad, A., Hovhannes, A. and Sergey, V. (2013) “Investigation of crack propagation in single optical fiber composite with thermal influence by finite element method”, Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale, 4(13), pp. pages 31–35. doi: 10.3221/IGF-ESIS.13.04.