Characterisation of the Gradient Coatings TiN/(Ti,Al,Si)N/TiN Type Deposited on Sintered Tool Materials

  • L. A. Dobrzanski
  • K. Golombek


The paper presents results of the structural examinations, tests of mechanical and working properties of
thin wear resistant gradient coatings of the TiN/(Ti,Al,Si)N/TiN type, deposited in the CAE process onto
the substrate from the cermets and cemented carbides. Structural examinations are presented of the
applied coatings and their substrate made on the SEM, TEM and on the LM.
Evaluation of the adhesion of the deposited coatings onto the cemented carbides and cermets was made
using the scratch test. Cutting properties of the investigated materials were determined basing on the
technological continuous cutting tests of the C45E steel. Substrate hardness tests and microhardness tests
of the deposited coatings were made on the ultra-micro-hardness tester at 70 mN load. Surface roughness
tests were also made before depositing the coatings and after completing the PVD process.