Experimental trials and theoretical background about foaming, slag refractory interaction and feasibility of crude magnesium carbonate injection as foaming agent and its use for EAF refractory protection


  • C. Mapelli
  • D. Mombelli
  • S. Barella
  • P. Trezzi
  • G. Ferrari
  • C. Cagni


A theoretical overview about the slag structure, their compatibility with the refractories and their foaming behavior
has been realized. Such a theoretical background is the basis for the performed experimental trials focused on
the use of crude MgCO3 injected within the slag. This raw material can develop the gaseous phases (CO2) needed
for the slag foaming and it can provide the MgO useful to make the slag compatible with the refractories. The
experimentation has been performed through the injection of different specific quantities of MgCO3 and the
obtained results pointed out a significant decrease of refractory wear, a saving of the specific electric energy, a
decrease of the lime injection and of the anthracite powder needed to induce the foaming effect.