Marco Boniardi

Born in Milano, August 20th, 1964.
One son, Davide.

Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano
Via La Masa 34, 20156 Milano, ITALIA
e-mail: (ufficio)
Tel. +39/02/23998225 (ufficio)
Fax +39/02/23998644 (ufficio)

Academic Education and Appointments
1988 B. Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering; Politecnico di Milano, Milano, ITALY.
1990 Assistant Professor in “Metallurgy”, Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, ITALY.
1998 Associate Professor in “Metallurgy”, Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, ITALY.
2002 Full Professor in “Metallurgy”, Dipartimento di Meccanica, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, ITALY (current position).

Academic/Teaching Experience
 Teach undergraduate, graduate and long-term education students.
 Supervise and guide master’s and doctoral students’ thesis work.
 Supervise job performance of four departmental members and some professionals.
 Conduct and lead departmental meetings.
 Manage about $. 400,000 departmental yearly budget for research facilities and students’ training expenses.
 Participate in hiring professionals.

Courses Taught
 Undergraduate

 Graduate
Metallurgy & Materials Science
Ironmaking & Steelmaking

 Long Term Education
Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering

Research Experiences
 Supervise national/international research programs.
 Conduct and lead research activities with industrial partners.

Research Interests
 Carbon and Alloy Steels; Stainless Steels and Heat Resisting Steels
 Heat Treatments, Surface Treatments & Coatings
 Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics; Corrosion
 Steelmaking and Refining Metallurgy; Casting, Forging and Metalworking;
 Welding Metallurgy
 Failure Analysis and Forensic Engineering

Main Public/Private Partners
 Forgiatura A. Vienna; FOMAS; Marcegaglia; Tenaris Dalmine; Rodacciai; Cogne Acciai Speciali; Acciai Vender; Danieli; Arcelor Mittal; Alcan-Novelis; Aditya Birla.
 Enelpower; Edipower; Italgas; ENI; Sorgenia; Alpiq; API; Saipem.
 Carabinieri RIS – Reparto Investigazioni Scientifiche; Beretta Armi
 Brembo; Mercedes; Toyota; Volvo; Alstom Ferroviaria; Autostrade per l’Italia.
 Syndial; Polimeri Europa; Solvay.
 Georg Fisher Group (CH); Turbomach - Caterpillar Group (CH).
 Generali Assicurazioni; Zurich Assicurazioni; Aurora Assicurazioni; RSA Global (UK).
 Airliquide; Sapio; Faber.
 Bodycote; Omeco; Hammer; Istituto Scientifico Breda.
 Tribunale di Milano; Camera Arbitrale di Milano
 Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri; Ministero dell’Interno, Ministero dell’Ambiente
 Regione Toscana; Comune di Viareggio;

Scientific Papers
Author or Co-author of more than 130 scientific papers published on Italian & International Journal or presented at Italian & International Conference


Materials and Metallurgy
Cast Irons and Steels. Low-Alloy Steels and Stainless Steels. Aluminum, Copper and Titanium Alloys. Precious Metals. Metal Matrix Composites. Ductile and Brittle Failures. Fracture Mechanics. Fatigue. Corrosion and Wear. Heat & Surface Treatments. Coatings. Forging and Forming. Welding Metallurgy. Material Selection in Industrial Engineering.

Ironmaking and Steelmaking. Casting Processes. Foundry. Hot and Cold forming. Open Die and Close Die Forging. Deep Drawing. Heat Treatment Furnaces. Tools and Metal Cutting. Coating Processes. Welding and Brazing Processes. Manufacturing Defects.

Failure Analysis (Components and Plants)
Pressure Vessels and Cylinders. Heat Exchangers and Boilers. Chemical Plants. Oil and Gas Plants. Automotive Components. Lifting Equipment. Pulp and Paper Plants. Pharmaceutical Plants. Tools and Dies. Pipelines. Gears and Transmissions. Brakes. Sliding and Rolling Bearings. Springs. Mechanical Fasteners. Metallic Orthopedic Implants. Locomotive Axles. Electronic Components.

Bursts. Gas, Liquid and Dust Explosions. Fire Investigation in Industrial Plants. Terminal Ballistic.

Other Information
In 2013 Marco Boniardi received the Westinghouse Prize (Institute of Materials Finishing, Birmingham - UK) due to his research activities in fuel cell field.

XVIII-XIX cent. Military History, Books, Travels, Cooking.