Wang Guodong


Earthquake disasters have brought great harm to people's life safety and economic property. Its
effect on fabric mainly focus on random effects currently, the general pseudo excitation method could solve the
inefficiency calculation problem of linear random earthquake. However it could not take the nonlinear problem
factors into account for calculation. In this paper, we suggest that a nonlinear structural incentive method
should be improved based on statistical linearity to calculate and solve absolute displacement value. Through
the analysis and research for cases, we calculate the displacement, speed, random vibration spectrum of bridge’s
accelerated speed, as well as the influencing situation of axial force. The results indicate that such perfect
incentive method could not only perform nonlinear structure analysis, but also to be very accurate and high
effective. Such method could reasonably avoid the displacement decomposition and solution of the pseudostatic
model?thus it will be widely applied in common software.