Synthesis of semi solid slurry and effect of inoculants on microstructure of A356 alloy cast by rapid slurry forming (RSF) process

  • A. Sharma


Semi solid slurry of Al-356 alloy with 30% solid fraction is prepared by rapid slurry forming process. Effect of
Al-5Ti-0.15C grain refiner alone and combined with Al-10Sr modifier is also studied on slurry produced by RSF
process. Grain refining and modification of Al–Si alloys offer substantial benefits in casting processes. Finer
grains ensure better mechanical properties, improved machinability, better feeding, while with modification the
silicon morphology changes from flake to fibrous, resulting in improved properties, especially ductility. Combined
addition not only replicates both effects but also gives the added bonus of better globularity in the SSM process.