Correlation between factors controlling preparation of porous copper via sintering technique using experimental design

  • Y. M. Z. Ahmed
  • M. I. Riad
  • A. S. Sayed
  • M. K. Ahlam
  • M. E. H. Shalabi


There are many factors which control the porosity of the final object during preparation of porous
copper compact using PM (powder metallurgy) technique.
The amount of filler material, its type, sintering temperature, sintering time and the pressure
of compaction were recognized as the most important parameters. In this investigation, naphthalene was
used as filler material during porous copper preparation. Also, the correlation between these parameters
and the porosity degree of the final object was developed with the aid of 2N factorial design experiments.
It was found that the amount of naphthalene represents the most important parameter controlling
the porosity degree in the final object.