Intelligent control system for gaseous nitriding process

  • J. Ratajski
  • R. Olik
  • J. Tacikowski
  • T. Suszko
  • O. Lupicka


In the present paper, the solutions of the following research issues have been presented:
• dependencies between the process parameters and the layer structure have been defined, which serve to
develop software for the control system of the process, with the view of obtaining a complex layer
structure and optimal kinetics of its creation and growth,
• assumptions for the control system of the gaseous nitriding process have been developed on the basis of
a complementary cooperation of the mathematical model and the indications of the magnetic sensor
registering the nucleation and growth of the layer.
These issues comprise two complementary ways towards the construction of intelligent control systems.
The first one of them consists in developing innovative databases, expert systems to aid the operator in
decision making regarding the choice of defined changes to the process parameters. This is connected
with the knowledge of possibly all the factors and mechanisms which have an influence on the result of
the process and which make it possible to design an algorithm of changes of process parameters that
could guarantee optimal kinetics of the layer growth and its required structure. The other one additionally
makes use of specially constructed sensors, which having been placed directly in the processes react to
the growth of layers and their structure.