Hyper baric carburising process

  • E. Gianotti


Anew patented technology improves low pressure carburising in vacuum furnace and traditional
carburising in sealed quench furnace.
The author, starting from argument that is possible to see in the specialized publications on the subject,
has examined by scientific criteria which are the limits and the advantages of both the low pressure
carburising ,or the controlled atmosphere process. He evaluates the technological possibility to overcome
some of the limits that are conditioning the mechanical property of the heat treated pieces. Before
suggesting new technological solutions that can promote better metallurgical properties together with
clean environment, he examine some scientific arguments to make clear the problems.
At the end of this research some important technological modification will be realised and the obtained
results confirm the validity of the new process of hyper baric carburisation.
The cause of the defects arising from the traditional technology have been eliminated and the
modifications requested on the furnaces are not expensive. In same cases, maybe the new furnaces are
even cheaper, both in the buying phase than in the running cost.