Effect of ultrasound treatment on Cu-Zn alloys


  • A. Pola
  • L. Montesano
  • M. Gelfi
  • G.M. La Vecchia


The application of power ultrasound to liquid and solidifying alloys is known to allow the formation of a nondendritic
and fine microstructure suitable for semi-solid feedstock production. In literature several papers
report results about low melting point alloys but very limited data are available on Cu-base alloys.
The aim of this paper is, therefore, to evaluate the effect of ultrasonic waves applied to Cu alloys during
solidification in order to obtain a globular microstructure.
Metallographic analyses showed the effectiveness of this technique in breaking the forming dendrites, giving
rise to an almost globular structure, suitable for being used in semi-solid processing.
The differences in microstructure morphology and phases composition resulted to affect the corrosion
resistance of the analysed samples, in particular the semi-solid ones showed improved performance as a
consequence of the homogenizing effect induced by the ultrasound treatment.