Comparative evaluation on uniform corrosion resistance behaviour of ferritic stainless steels: experimental studies of electrochemical tests

  • M. Romero
  • V. Matres


Ferritic stainless steels were exposed to electrochemical polarization tests in 1N sulfuric acid solution. Some
critical parameter to uniform corrosion, as critical intensity (Icr), passive intensity (Ip) and corrosion rate
(Vcorr), were determined from the polarization tests. To understand uniform corrosion behavior of this family of
stainless steel, a new equation has been determined taking the most relevant elements (Ni, Cr, Mo and N) into
account. An excellent correlation between predicted and experimental results was obtained. The development
of the new equation is really useful to simulate the relation between the uniform corrosion and the chemical
composition in a defined Ferritic Stainless Steel.