• A. D’Ettorre
  • R. Giudici
  • A. Tasca
  • J. Visus
  • V.G. Benavides
  • W.T. Kobayashi


Yield increase in aluminum melting operation is the most challenging goal to achieve. It has been proven that conventional oxy-fuel system can promote significant productivity increase and reduction in specific energy consumption. However, dross formation has been always a concern not only with oxy-fuel burner but also with airfuel burners. Praxair developed two new generation oxy-fuel burners for the aluminum industry, the Circular Motion Flame Burner and the Variable Oxidant Burner. The burners developed each one for specific furnace method of operation achieved reduction in dross formation by more than 25%, reduction in specific fuel consumption by up to 50%, 30% higher specific melt rate compared to traditional oxy-fuel process, increase in specific melt rate by a factor of two, and quality improvement. The Circular Motion Flame Burner, suitable for short heat cycles and continuous furnaces, promotes a nonstationary flame and very uniform heat transfer pattern to the process. The Variable Oxidant Burner suitable for short melting cycles and long holding cycles can be operated at the minimized fuel consumption by varying the oxygen concentration in the oxidant according to the phase throughout the heat cycle. Both burners designed for deep staging promote low peak flame temperature and consequently ultra low NOx emission rate.