Metallic materials compatibility in E22 and M15 motor fuel blends


  • M. De Sanctis
  • A. Dimatteo
  • GF. Lovicu
  • D. Marc
  • R. Valentini


Factors influencing the potential corrosiveness of E22 and M15 motor fuels were studied using immersion
and electrochemical corrosion tests. The latter were carried out using fuels at 18 °C and 50 °C
with and without additions of water contaminants (inorganic acids, chloride ions, and salts).
The corrosion behaviour of carbon steels (St 52, 100Cr6), stainless steels (AISI 304, AISI 440 C)
and aluminium alloys (AlMg3, 6056 aluminium alloy) was evaluated.
AISI 304 was fully compatible either in as-received or modified fuels in all experimental conditions
here imposed. AISI 440 C steel was able to develop a homogeneous passive film when was exposed at 18 °C,
but a loss of corrosion resistance was detected when the temperature raised to 50 °C. Aluminium alloys
were the poorest performers in these fuels, exhibiting significant damaging under the form of surface pitting.
Carbon steels exhibited reasonable resistances only in E22 and M15 fuels at 18 °C.