Experiences in manufacturing of forgings for power generation application

  • G. Zeiler
  • R. Bauer
  • A. Putschoegl


Sufficient available energy is the precondition for a high standard of living in each country. This fact calls for
the need of an appropriate number of power generation plants with improved technologies to achieve higher
efficiency combined with reduced environmental pollution – a challenge, which is not only aimed to the power
station manufacturers but also to the producer of forgings who have to manufacture components from more
and more higher alloyed materials and for this reason more complex manufacturing processes.
This paper reports about experiences in the fabrication of forged components for gas and steam turbine
application up to achieved mechanical properties and NDT results, focused on the newer materials
with improved high temperature capability, and here the steels of the 9-12% Cr class developed in the frame
of the European Cost research programme.