One bucket charging Fastarc™ in Jacksonville


  • D. Patrizio
  • M. Orsini


This paper describes the main features of the AC Fastarc™ EAF supplied by Danieli to the Gerdau Ameristeel
plant in Jacksonville (Florida - U.S.A.). The new state-of-the-art UHP Fastarc™ EAF has a rated capacity of 95
sht (? 86 t) and is capable to handle a single bucket practice, with 100% scrap charging practice.
Thanks to the extended utilization of chemical energy, by means of DANARC” injection system with
Modules technology, and proper sizing of EAF transformer (90 + 12% MVA) the furnace has achieved very
fast scrap melting, with promising consumptions figures. The EAF has already achieved Pon time in the
range of 35 min, with maximum productivity up to 115 t/h: this results has been achieved thanks to proper
oxygen carbon and lime injection, which has allowed to keep good foaming slag condition during all process
and lead to fast scarp melting and liquid steel heating up. Moreover the promising performance has been
confirmed by the fumes analysis, which has demonstrated the high post-combustion degree inside the EAF.
The homogeneous thermal condition of the liquid bath has been clearly proven by limited steel temperature
drops between EAF and caster arrival, in spite of process line without ladle furnace upstream
the caster. This paper shows the very interesting results in terms of thermal efficiency and consumptions,
based on the data collected in the last months of EAF operation, and the innovative design applied in
process, mechanical and electrical parts of the EAF.