Oxidation behaviour of nanostructured Ti-B-N based coatings

  • M. Cabibbo
  • S. Spigarelli


Nanostructured Ti-B-N based coatings are widely employed in many applications for the excellent properties
such as high hardness, low friction, good resistance to wear and corrosion. In addition, if some alloying
elements such Al and Si are incorporated an oxidation improved resistance is achieved. In the present work,
Ti-B-N, Ti-Si-B-N and Ti-Al-Si-B-N coatings deposited by Ion Implantation Assisted Magnetron Sputtering
(IIAMS) have been investigated. All the coatings were deposited on single-crystal Si-[100]. To evaluate the
oxidation behavior, the coatings were annealed in air at 700 and 900°C for 4 hours. Ti-B-N coatings oxidizes
completely after annealing at 700°C for 4 hours, while a layered structure with well-definite interface is
produced on Ti-Si-B-N and Ti-Al-Si-B-N based coatings. Upon annealing at 900°C, the Si-doped film showed
significantly better oxidation resistance compared to that of Ti-B-N and Ti-Al-Si-B-N coatings.