Aluminium based components with enhanced characteristics through advanced squeeze casting process

  • M. Rosso
  • I. Peter
  • R. Molina
  • A. Montedoro
  • G. Tonno
  • P. Claus


Components in the field of automotive application produced by a modified squeeze casting process have been
considered. This innovative process has been oriented toward the manufacturing of high resistance and high
toughness automotive parts using A380 alloys and they have been subjected to T6 heat treatment. Standard
samples have been machined directly from real automotive components for tensile properties evaluation and
hardness values determination. Superior mechanical characteristics have been obtained thanks to the low
porosity content and to the particular microstructure features. Fracture surfaces analysis have been realised
on the fractured samples, identifying some minor defects, like the presence of carbon particles (with any
dangerous effect on the mechanical performances) and some nano-sized oxide inclusion. Moreover, the same
fracture surface analysis highlights the ductile natures of the fracture. On the polished transverse sections of
the samples morphological analysis has also been performed.
High level of resistance and toughness has been obtained for all considered parts. The achieved results
demonstrate the reliability of the modified squeeze casting process for production of automotive components.

Author Biography

M. Rosso