Strip Annealing Furnaces for New Galvanizing Lines


  • D. Astesiano
  • D. Ghira
  • C. Leoncini


Constant improvements to continuous annealing process technology are necessary for the production of both
new and traditional steel grades to provide good formability and ductility and also gives higher mechanical
properties when combined with correctly tuned steel chemical compositions.
One vertical and one horizontal type furnace are to be started up at Acciaieria Arvedi S.p.A. (Italy) in 2011,
these furnaces form part of the Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL) in the Danieli Cold Mill Complex, this
complex also includes a six-high Tandem Coil Mill and Push-Pull Pickling Line.
The furnaces will be able to match any market requirements for different annealing cycles, thus combining
high performance with low investment and transformation costs. Short heat-up, long soaking, both slow and
rapid cooling have all been included in equipment design to give any type of annealing curve and include a
large group of steel grades commonly required by the market. Planned expansion will allow for additional
slow cooling and extended over-aging time. High performance direct flame burners and radiant tubes fed by
natural gas are the key to guarantee strip quality and low maintenance costs. Flexible rapid jet cooling
performs different cooling rates to accommodate the metallurgy of several different steel grades.