The effect of deep cryogenic treatment on hardness and wear behavior of the H13 tool steel


  • K. Amini
  • M. Negahbani
  • H. Ghayour Kamran Amini


In recent decades, cryogenic treatment has been used as the finishing operation between the quenching and
tempering treatment on tool steels for the purpose of increasing hardness and wear resistance. H13 tool steel is a
hot working steel widely used in manufacturing molds and hot working tools. In this research, the effect of deep
cryogenic treatment at -196 °C for 24 hours has been investigated in comparison with the quenching-tempering
treatment on hardness, structure and wear resistance. In addition, the effect of TiC coating after cryogenic
treatment on hardness and wear resistance has been studied. The results of this research showed that cryogenic
treatment with or without coating leads to an increase in hardness levels of 5.7 % and 9.6 %, respectively, and
an improvement in the wear resistance levels of 33 % and 60 % respectively, in comparison with the quenchingtempering
treatments. Investigating the wear surfaces by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed that the
wear mechanism is adhesive.