Large ESR forging ingots and their quality in production


  • P. Bettoni
  • U. Biebricher
  • H. Franz
  • A. Lissignoli
  • A. Paderni
  • H. Scholz
  • A. Paderni
  • A. Lissignoli
  • P. Bettoni


ESR is known as an alternative step on the continuous improvement in single ingot production for heavy
forgings. In the recent past a new state of the art ESR remelting system was installed with the possibility to
produce ingots in diameter from 1000mm for 45tons till 2000mm for 145tons. Consumable electrodes from
traditional fabrication processes which consist of melting with electrical arc furnace, refining, degassing
of the steel and bottom pouring will be used to produce one single heavy ingot with best cleanness with
the help of electrode exchange technique. This paper tells about the furnace characteristics and the efforts to
be made to ensure high quality level in material and furnace preparation as well as save automatic production
performances during remelting and electrode exchange. Finally the results of ingots characterized by an
elevated level of chemical homogeneity and internal quality such as to ensure the absence of defect
greater than 0.5mm AVG during the final inspection of the forged part from the ESR production will be
presented. The ESR process serves for the reproducible quality in heavy ingot making and tightens the limits in
specifications together with high material yield.