Tuning of anodic oxidation parameters for the production of nanostructured TiO2 films

  • M.V. Diamanti,
  • M. Ormellese
  • B. Del Curto
  • M.P. Pedeferri


Titanium dioxide is the most common among titanium oxides and minerals. It can be either synthesized by
chemical routes or generated by anodic oxidation of titanium. The latter way allows to tune oxide properties by
modulating process parameters, and it has gained much attention thanks to the wide variety of thicknesses,
morphologies, structures and compositions of the oxide produced. The peculiar engineered properties of
anodized titanium find applications in biomedical industry, automotive field, architecture and design, as well as
in photovoltaic cells and in photocatalytic purification devices.
This article provides an overview of anodic oxidation treatments currently applied to form nanostructured oxide
layers on titanium, paying special attention to their applications.