Multilayer coatings based on CrN/Cr for molds of plastics

  • F. Cova Caiazzo
  • V. Sisti
  • S. Trasatti


Many problems related to the efficiency of tribological steel substrates have been improved by the
introduction of ceramic coatings based on nitrides of transition metals, as applied by physical vapor
deposition (PVD) [1]. Multilayer PVD coatings are currently being developed so as to achieve a further
increase in performance from both tribological and corrosion resistance. The principle of the method is to
create a coating characterized by a high number of layers stacked in such a way as to block the growth of the
columnar structure with high porosity. In this work a series of mono-and multilayer coatings were taken into
account. These consist of CrN and Cr multilayers coatings made in a deposition chamber using cathodic arc
PVD at the company CRT. As steel substrate AISI H11was chosen in the following surface state conditions:
mirror finish, electroeroded, ground and sandblasted