Kocks Microstructure Simulator (KMS). New technical tool for process simulation of long products

  • M. Kruse
  • S. Schwarz
  • M. Schuck


Since years temperature-controlled rolling is a known application in rolling mills to improve the technological
properties of the material. More than ever the main focus of the operators today is directed to the continuous
improvement of their products and to an optimized adjustment of the individual production route. Therefore
the future success of rolling technologies in practical operation is more and more dependent on prior off-line
simulation of the rolling process in the quality management.
As a leading supplier of long product rolling technology and process, FRIEDRICH KOCKS GMBH & CO KG
has developed the KMS - KOCKS Microstructure Simulator. The KMS is a semi-empirical model that can
be used as a stand-alone tool and can also be considered as a complement to KOCKS thermo-mechanical
rolling equipment for bar, wire rod and tube rolling mills. The KMS incorporates for the first time the unique
deformation characteristics of the KOCKS 3 roll technology and enables rolling mill operators to model
temperature conditions of the rolled stock, to illustrate phase transformations and to predict grain size
formations and mechanical properties throughout the cross-section of the finished product.
Furthermore the KOCKS Microstructure Simulator is a perfect tool to simulate and develop new rolling
strategies without applying cost-intensive and time-consuming rolling trials.
The features and unique characteristics of the KMS in conjunction with KOCKS thermo-mechanical rolling
equipment are the subject of this paper.