Properties of hot rolled steel strips produced by endless casting-rolling plant

  • A. Guindani
  • R. Venturini
  • C. Mapelli
  • S. Barella
  • A. Gruttadauria
  • D. Mombelli


The plastic formability and the micro-structural features (homogeneity, grain size distribution, crystallographic
textures) of structural and micro-alloyed steels produced in a modern endless casting-rolling line have been
studied after specific experimental trials performed on the advanced industrial plant working at Arvedi Steel
Technology. The investigation has pointed out interesting and outstanding mechanical features associated with
the thermo-mechanical process undergone by the rolled steel strips. The obtained results have clearly pointed
out that the endless process is not only a more efficient production route, but it allows a control of the operative
parameters inducing micro-structural features that optimize the combination of strength and formability properties
especially on the micro-alloyed steel grades. Actually, these last steel grades are more sensitive to the nucleation
and growth of nano-precipitates induced by the thermal oscillation that are more pronounced and less controlled
in a traditional rolling line, if compared to a modern endless casting-rolling system.