Infragilimento da idrogeno di acciai Q&P

  • G. Lovicu
  • M. De Sanctis
  • A. Dimatteo
  • R. Ishak
  • R. Valentini
  • E. Paravicini Bagliani


In the last years the development of innovative steels with a better combination of strength and ductility has
been focused on the obtainment of multiphase microstructures containing austenite. Quenched and Partitioned
(Q&P) steels, recently introduced as alternative to the conventional advanced high strength automotive steels
or to medium carbon structural steels, are the subject of the present research.
In this study, the hydrogen embrittlement susceptibility of a medium carbon Q&P steel has been evaluated and
compared to that of conventional Quench and Tempered steel with the same chemical composition and similar
ultimate tensile stress (UTS). Slow Strain Rate Tensile (SSRT) tests performed on samples electrochemically
charged at different hydrogen contents have shown that Q&P steels have a higher hydrogen embrittlement
susceptibility than conventional ones.