Computers in Foundries


  • T. R. Vijayaram
  • P. Piccardo


Computers have now entered into the foundry
engineering. Foundry mechanization and modernization
are of considerable importance today when the foundry
has evolved from an ancient art into a modern science
and it is fully controlled and monitored by computers.
Modernization is the only key to improve casting quality
and productivity. From industrial point of view, they
have been in use in the administrative areas of finance,
accounting, personnel records, wage, salaries, and
inventory control for a long period. Many foundry machine
systems are computerized. Due to the entry of computers
in foundries, fatigue and strain on the workers and staffs
have been considerably reduced during working and
work culture has improved tremendously. Improved work
culture can lead to a sense of participation, involvement,
and creativity. This review paper discusses on the role,
prospects, and application of computers in foundries.
Besides, an introduction on the computer aided foundry
model design and computer aided foundry die design are
presented precisely in this paper. It also discusses on the
numerical simulation of casting solidification performed in
foundries and a brief information about the computerized
and automated foundry line have been provided in this
technical paper. The applications of expert systems in
foundries and various types of foundry software packages
commonly used in the metal casting industries are
explained in detail in this review paper.